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Jacksonville Find a Lawyer

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What is Jacksonville Find a Lawyer?

Jacksonville Find a Lawyer is brought to you by the Jacksonville Bar Association.

Jacksonville Find a Lawyer exists to connect consumers and small business people to local attorneys in a straightforward and friendly way.

Jacksonville Find a Lawyer can help prepare consumers and small business people to hire an attorney by providing general information and frequently asked questions about Florida law and legal issues.

Jacksonville Find a Lawyer is made up of a group of attorney members of the Jacksonville Bar Association who have legal practices appropriate to consumer and small business needs and who have met Jacksonville Find a Lawyer Qualifications and agreed to abide by the Nine Commitments to Clients. Additionally, attorneys listed on Jacksonville Find a Lawyer pay a monthly fee to be listed there.

Within “Find an Attorney”, Jacksonville Find a Lawyer provides site visitors a randomized ordering of attorney names and, in the “Legal Tool Kit”, Jacksonville Find a Lawyer randomly features names/faces of attorneys who have paid to be listed in that same practice area. No particular emphasis should be assumed about attorneys based on the location of their name on the list or feature appearance. Additionally, no attorney has paid additional fees for a particular position within a list or a feature appearance.

What Jacksonville Find a Lawyer isnt

Jacksonville Find a Lawyer does not provide legal advice. This website is designed for advertising and general information only. None of the information presented on this site should be construed to be either formal legal advice and/or the formation of a lawyer/client relationship. Visitors to Jacksonville Find a Lawyer should seek advice from a licensed attorney with regard to any specific legal issues.

All representations made by attorneys advertising on this website or any other sites to which attorneys have established links from this site, are the sole responsibility of the attorney and in no way constitute representation from Jacksonville Find a Lawyer, the Jacksonville Bar Association, or any affiliate (JBA entities) or representative thereof. Moreover, these JBA entities do not warrantee, guarantee, bond, or otherwise assume responsibility for any legal services which any advertising attorney may agree to perform if contacted by a user of this website or for any other act or omission to act by such attorney.